Girl Goes On Epic Facebook Rant After Being Fired From Her Dream Job

A woman was sacked just 30 minutes after being offered her dream job because her boss did not like her tattoos. Claire Shepherd, 27, from Swansea, applied for the role of retail merchandiser at Dee Set after passing a phone interview with flying colours. However, after discovering she had tattoos on her hand, which she would not be able to cover up, the company revoked the offer. They said the intricate design might cause offence.

girl fired cos of tats Credit: Facebook/Claire Shepherd

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After seeing the post Dee Set backtracked and offered her the job back. But she turned it down and instead took a role with retailer B and M. She told Mail Online: ‘They saw my tattoo and saw it was not offensive but I feel if I hadn’t gone viral they wouldn’t have offered me the job back. ‘We are all individuals and someone’s skin shouldn’t affect their employment Claire has since found another job (Picture: Facebook/Claire Shepherd)  ‘I’m glad they saw their mistake and corrected it though, that’s a step forward.’ She hopes her experience will help highlight discrimination in the work place and remove the stigma surrounding people with tattoos. ‘The government want people employed. Maybe they should not allow companies to have outdated policies then,’ she added. ‘In my opinion, tattoos do not affect your performance or ability to do a job and do not pose a health and safety risk or cause any harm. It is literally just some colour or a picture on your skin.’ When contacted Deeset for comment, Greg Phillips – Chief Operating Officer – told us: ‘Deeset is a progressive, equal opportunity employer and recognises this error in process during our peak recruitment period. ‘We have explained to Claire that the job offer remains, we are currently recruiting all over the UK and we welcome all with the right skill set to join our growing team of retail experts.’

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